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RovioDirect Online Help:
Version 1.2

Download RovioDirect for Windows

What is RovioDirect?

RovioDirect is an alternative freeware for remote controlling your WowWee Rovio webcam robot. It directly supports access and steering of the robot by the keys of your keyboard. Additional features are supported which you won't find in Rovios integrated html interface. For e. g. full screen view, gained push to talk two way audio, playing predefined sounds, manual driving with obstacles avoiding, animated blue lights, motion detection, turns of 90 or 180 degree and precision control of the camera arm.

Which keyboard keys are usable?

W, up
Robot moves forwards.
S, down
Robot moves backwards.
A, Ctrl+left
Robot moves to the left.
D, Ctrl+right 
Robot moves to the right.
Q, left
Robot turns to the left.
E, right
Robot turns to the right.
Press and hold Shift for a slower movement and ignoring obstacles.
The camera moves to position 1.
The camera moves to position 2.
The camera moves to position 3.
The camera moves a smal step upwards.
The camera moves a smal step downwards.
R, 4
Robot turns 90 degrees to the left.
T, 6
Robot turns 90 degrees to the right.
Backspace, 5 
Robot makes a turn by 180 degrees.
F, 7
Robot toggles the front light.
Press and hold spacebar to record your voice.
Release spacebar to transfer your voice to the robot speaker.
H, 8
Robot is playing an adjustable predefined sound on the robot speaker.
See config.ini for more information.
Robot is playing a "Yes" on the robot speaker.
Robot is playing a "No" on the robot speaker.
F2, 9
Robot is starting the "going home and dock" action.
RovioDirect is taking a snapshot and sending it to the clipboard.

Is it possible to install my own sound files in RovioDirect?

Yes, place your own sound files in the subdirectory "sounds" in the RovioDirect folder. The sound files need to be in Wave format with 8000Hz and 16bit mono.

Does RovioDirect include any components?

Yes, RovioDirect is using the native activex control of the open source VLC movie player ( For raising the Wave volume it is using the free tool WaveGain ( Many thanks.

Download RovioDirect for Windows